Stories to write about in the school newspaper

Outline both the taxing and positive parts of their lives and relationships and possibly the resources available to them on campus and in your community.

For example, a while back I received a press release containing the following sentence: Write stories on those running for class offices and talk about their strengths and weaknesses. As Etzel writes in a spirited op-ed for The Daily student newspaper: And what are the official school policies or unofficial arrangements enabling them to continue with their education.

A good headline captures the essence of the story without pillaging — and, therefore, dulling — the writer's punch. It explains how to make sure your writing is clear and offers some advice on how how to arrange your story on the page. Then awaken at sunrise — or as close to it as you can muster.

And the paper will include that vital ingredient serendipity - the story you didn't expect, the "just fancy that", the absurdities as well as the travails of the human condition. This Story is So Sick. See your local newspaper to see the format but also to read the stories to use as further examples.

The Telescope, Palomar College — 65 Questions. Donate books to hospitals and homeless shelters. But following that path is not always easy. To get the reader's attention, because most people don't finish the article See the sample story to understand how to put these quotations in the story.

Analyze a news story 1. Yet, without stellar content, journalism 2. Separately, any especially funny or infuriating late-arrival stories. Can you catch your fellow students in a lie — on camera. Send them something personal.

How journalists write

In that vein, what jobs, passion projects, relationships and thick books have you quit in your lifetime. In many genres of writing, the main event occurs in the middle, or at the end, such as a murder-mystery novel.

And when do these punishments cross a line in the eyes of student-athletes or school officials. Beard of the Week. Then, pick one question from the list to answer in-depth via personal reflection or dogged reporting.

At other times, they are extreme. After the sponsor is chosen, students can apply or volunteer to be a member of the newspaper staff. This year they hope to bring a nation of readers together to really drive home the message about of the importance of reading.

Stories sound interesting; reports sound dull. News releases should be written in “newspaper style,” that means following the same rules for punctuation, abbreviation, spelling and grammar used by most newspapers. The closer you follow the style rules, the more professional your news release will look.

Sample Letter 1.

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Download and customize your Sample Letter to a Local Newspaper 1 (MS-WORD, 15 KB, 1 pg.) Please note that this letter is written from the viewpoint of a classroom teacher or education support professional. Nov 13,  · Every school day since we’ve asked students a question based on an article in The New York Times.

Now, five years later, we’ve collected of them that invite narrative and personal writing and pulled them all together in one place (available here.

OKLAHOMA NEWSPAPER FOUNDATION NEWSPAPERS IN EDUCATION Each student should also write stories based on class and school events. Information for the sto-ries can be obtained from interviews and from. Let’s Write a Newspaper Story!

An exciting, real-life writing course for elementary and middle school students. Course Preview Let’s Write a Newspaper Story! Sep 04,  · How to Start a School Newspaper in Middle School.

In this Article: Gaining Support for the Paper Establishing the Basics Getting the First Issue Out Making Your Newspaper Better Sample Articles Community Q&A Starting a school newspaper can be a great learning experience.

You get to hunt down stories and write about what is going on around you%(46).

Stories to write about in the school newspaper
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