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The international community has been observing Nigerian elections to encourage a free and fair process, and condemned this one as being severely flawed. The rioting erupted after Muslims in the country reacted in anger to comments made by a newspaper reporter.

Secondly, Nigeria to me means freedom. Also, the industrious nature inherent in citizens of this great nation also gives me a cause to brag about my nation.

Many have thought that the advent of a democratic dispensation in after almost three decades of military rule would have afforded Nigeria the opportunity to arrest the decline in her socio-economic development and embark on economic revival. Inhabitants of the southern region sustained more interaction, economic and cultural, with the British and other Europeans owing to the coastal economy.

Chronic poverty is considered the component of total poverty that is static and transitory poverty component that is attributable to the inter-temporal variability Jalan and Ravallion, It is also a fact that Nigeria is rich, but the riches are in the hands of the few, and the masses are suffering.

The Yorubas, his kinsmen are known to deride oppressors.

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The government was hard pressed on debt obligations and had to hold constant talks for debt re-scheduling. On 29th July, the military government of Major General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi was vehemently overthrown and unfortunately he could not survive it.

Development is expected to improve and advance the condition and standard of living of the people. InBritish claims to a West African sphere of influence received recognition from other European nations at the Berlin Conference.

The caliphate was divided into emirates and each emirate was headed by Emir. There is failure on the part of the government as there is no diversification of the economy, we have over-relied on oil as our mainstay and this is bad for economic development.

The response of the government to the crisis was to introduce austerity measures thus withdrawing some of the social welfare packages that people enjoyed. His successor, General Abdulsalami Abubakaradopted a new constitution on 5 Maywhich provided for multiparty elections.

Since its discovery and commercial production inoil has been at the root of catastrophic national problems, manifesting in ferocious rivalries within the ruling class to acquire and maintain control over a greater share of oil surpluses. The use of slave labor was extensive, especially in agriculture.

The methodological rendition of our write-up is as follows. Abiola died later the same year. Nigeria, like many developing countries, also suffers from a polio crisis as well as periodic outbreaks of cholera, malaria, and sleeping sickness.

The Nigeria of my dream is one in which elections are free, fair and credible, and in which competent and God-fearing persons are voted into power. For example, the region has among the highest levels of infant mortality in Nigeria; some estimates place the level of youth unemployment at 40 percent in Niger Delta.

Many late 20th century musicians such as Fela Kuti have famously fused cultural elements of various indigenous music with American Jazz and Soul to form Afrobeat music.

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The percentage of people living in poverty in Niger Delta is lower than the national average, according to figures for NBS During the oil boom of the s, Nigeria joined OPEC and the huge oil revenues it was generating enriched the economy.

Reconstruction, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation. More than 10, public officials and employees were dismissed without benefits, on account of age, health, incompetence, or malpractice. The policies entailed under the SAP were the deregulation of the agricultural sector by abolishing marketing boards and the elimination of price controls, the privatisation of public enterprises, the devaluation of the Nairal to aid the competitiveness of the export sector, and the relaxation of restraints on foreign investment put in place by the Gowon and Obasanjo governments during the s.

Before its discovery, Nigeria depended almost solely on income from agriculture. Any government that must transform the lives of Nigerians has to begin by solving the problem of power supply; otherwise it will only be flogging a dead horse. Then inleader Yakubu Gowon was overthrown in a bloodless coup.

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Education in Nigeria Children at school in Ile-Ife, Nigeria Nigeria provides free, government-supported education, but attendance is not compulsory at any level, and certain groups, such as nomads and the handicapped, are under-served.

Some years ago, there were series of plane crashes which also claimed lives of young and promising Nigerians. Trace the history of Nigeria from pre-colonial era to date highlighting the leaders that rule the country at various levels, also indicate specific date of leadership.

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Crime This section needs additional citations for verification. According to the multiple indicator cluster survey published by the federal office of statistics inonly one in every ten Nigerian can be described as non-poor. We understand students have plenty on their plates, which is why we love to help them out.

The Kingdom of Nri of the Igbo people consolidated in the 10th century and continued until it lost its sovereignty to the British in. Essay about Nigeria - To say it simply, Nigeria is a truly unique country.

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From the Independence of Britain in the 60’s to the fight of oil, the corruption of the government, the people of Nigeria haven’t seen stability in some time. Nigerian Culture Essay Examples. 6 total results. A Comparison of the Nigerian and American Culture.

words. 1 page. A Comparison and Contrast Between American and Nigerian Culture The Portrayal and Description of the Nigerian Culture. words. 1 page. An Account of My First Visit to Nigeria. 2, words. 5 pages.

Essay Paper on Nigeria

A Description. - My First Visit to Nigeria In this essay I will reconstruct my first visit to Nigeria. The journey took place when I was seventeen in earlyduring which time Nigeria was under the military rule of General Sanni Abacha. Essay on The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country located on the West Coast of Africa.

Nigeria has 36 states with Abuja as the Federal Capital Territory and has more than five hundred ethnic groups. Nigeria Essay Located in West Africa, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous worldwide.

Thanks to its natural resources, especially oil, its economy is among the fastest growing in the world. Nigeria Essay The west African country of Nigeria was a major economic power when the British invaded and occupied parts of the country from Nigeria gained its independence in

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