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A team that is best known for helping to break the color barrier in college basketball. No one imagined the day when five blacks would start at a pre-dominantly white college.

Glory Road Essay Sample

They did not believe that African American players belonged in the game, and the school did not allow them to play on their team. Glory Road portrays this racism and discrimination shown to the both the black players and Coach Haskins family. Lattin just wanted to win a title, but neither he nor Haskins could have guessed it would help alter history.

As for Coach Haskins the impact he made on college basketball will forever be remembered. The fact he was willing to play more than one African American player at a time caused conflict between him and the boosters.

The team was presented with keys to the city of El Paso. It was a championship, an all or nothing statement for the players of Texas Western. In an attempt to converse with Coach Rupp he was quickly given a rude cold shoulder and told he should be thrilled to be on a stage with Rupp.

Every time the team traveled they had some type of opposition to face, whether it is the hotel would not let all of the players stay, or the diners not allowing African Americans inside. During racism was not only commonly seen throughout college basketball, but throughout society as well. Cager is out of his mind.

This was not because they now supported the Miners for who they were and what they were accomplishing, but because by winning on a national stage they began to gain more recognition for themselves.

By overcoming the immense amount of discrimination shown to both its players and Coach the Texas Miners basketball team was able to make a statement to society throughout an era of American history filled with racism and hate.

Ethically these people where acting in a wrong fashion. Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest sports news. Johnson was having a lot of problems with segregation and all that kind of stuff.

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That was about it. Throughout the course of the season the black Miners received an immense amount of discrimination. No blacks on either team. In his speech, Haskins notified his players that he would only be playing the 7 black players in the final game, and that they were going to put a stop to racial inequality in sports once and for all.

Though being talented many people felt blacks were incapable of staying mentally composed during the course of a game. He also broke the chains that restricted African American players from playing on the Texas Miners team.

Choose Type of service. Determined to make a statement to not only the college basketball community but society as well, Haskins found a way to integrate his team and become a success. It stood a huge barrier in college basketball which neglected many talented African American basketball players from even receiving a chance to play.

I believe this was his ultimate personal goal, to show everyone that he was successful, and that he could do it despite what the local culture thought. I hate to hear him saying that. Haskins brought into the team had just as much cultural diversity as Mr. He also does an amazing job rallying the school and crowd to his side.

Glory Road Essay

Haskins wanted to win. Gathering players around the country, Haskins found skilled African Americans such as David Lattin, Harry Flournoy, and the five other players of title game.

The south in contained a lot of racism, and you did not see any team with blacks on it.

Glory Road Essay Sample

This was the story of This speech today serves as a reminder that we are all equals living in this world, and with racial tensions flaring up in places like Missouri and Baltimore, Haskins and his team serve as an inspiration that we can all coexist and be happy.

He was just coaching the only way he knew how. While they saw their actions correct, ethically they were wrong. The more success he began to have with his team the more animosity he began to receive. The moment Coach Haskins decided to bring his black recruits to Texas Western he was immediately shown opposition by school boosters.

They were inferior to white basketball players and therefore not given an opportunity. This is what caused Coach Haskins to take a stand and play the championship game with only his black players. Please check the opt-in box to acknowledge that you would like to subscribe. It stood a huge barrier in college basketball which neglected many talented African American basketball players from even receiving a chance to play.

During racism was not only commonly seen throughout college basketball, but throughout society as well. Racism Essay examples; Racism Essay examples. Words 3 Pages.

Show More. Basically, racism affects us all.

Don Haskins on Racism

I don’t think it will go away ever because here in America there is such a wide variety of races, and when they are all mixed together, in the neighborhoods, the schools, the workplace, and churches, there is bound to be. Leadership Movie Glory Road Coach Don Haskins begins his coaching career for Texas Western College in El Paso, and is forced to create a division 1 basketball team with a very low budget.

Feb 25,  · Truth be told, Don Haskins' team was by the time it faced off with the Kentucky Wildcats (who had the same record). Not quite the complete underdogs that the film makes them out to be. In addition, black players weren't that rare at the time.4/5. Essay About Racism; Essay About Racism.

Essay on Racism. Words | 3 Pages. What is Racism? Racism is one of those unusual things which seem to escape the understanding of clear and to the point definition.

Racism is a system of racial discrimination and prejudice. RACISM ESSAY Racism is one of the world's major. The coach of the Miners, Don Haskins, had just won the NCAA title with five African American starters. They won a mere sports game, but it would prove to be much more than that.

A hero of integration, Haskins revolutionized college basketball by the way he indentified a player, by skill and not color. More Essay Examples on Racism Rubric. Some of these issues are personal, while others are a culture or group. One of the main characters in the movie is Don Haskins; he was the coach for the Texas Miners, a middle aged and well educated man.

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